Apply to Adopt or Foster

Thank you for your interest in adopting a companion animal through Neshama Animal Rescue. 

A note about adopting kittens!

It is the policy of Neshama Animal Rescue to not adopt out single young kittens if there isn’t another companion animal in the house. A companion animal is another cat, kitten, or a small friendly dog that would get along well with the kitten. This is a rule that many people don’t understand at first, but the companionship of another cat is so crucial to a kitten’s psychological and social development. Adopting more than one kitten significantly reduces the chances of the cat developing bad behavioral issues, and assures a more even tempered, friendly, outgoing personality.  Read more about our kitten adoption policy.

If you have a kitten and are looking for a friend for your kitten, we may have some single kittens available, but we will only entertain applications where the kitten will not be a single cat.

If you are only interested in adopting one cat and do not currently have another companion animal, please consider one of our many adult cats.

Foster to Adopt

In many situations, Neshama Animal Rescue recommends a foster-to-adopt period where the new dog or cat comes home and lives with your family for a minimum of three weeks.

Understanding the "Rule of 3s" when adopting a new companion animal is often the difference between a successful and failed adoption.

If your ultimate intention is to adopt, please fill out the "Adoption Application" below.

Adoption Process

1) Review our adoptable animals. Click here for cats and here for dogs.

2) Apply online by filling out the correct application (links below).

3) Neshama Animal Rescue will review your application and be in touch.

4) Neshama Animal Rescue will contact your references, veterinarian, and landlord (if applicable).

5) Neshama Animal Rescue will conduct a home visit. (via FaceTime or Whats App)

6) Neshama Animal Rescue will inform you of our decision and next steps, including setting up a possible meet and greet with your potential new furry family member. 

Click the above link to visit our adoption application.

Please use this application if your ultimate intention is to adopt.

Click the above link to visit our foster application.

Adoption Donations

The following amounts are the suggested minimum donations for adopting a rescue animal from Neshama Animal Rescue. 

The adoption donation defrays the costs of veterinary care, food and medical supplies for animals cared for by the Rescue. 

As a 100% volunteer organization, all proceeds go towards our program's efforts. 


Puppies (up to one year old): $350

Young Adults (1-3 years old): $300

Adults (4-9 years old): $250

Seniors (10+ years old): $200


Kittens: $250

Pair of bonded Kittens: $300

Adult Cats: $200

Senior Cats: $150