Kitten Adoption Policy

The most important socialization period for kittens is between 0-12 weeks of age. “Single Kitten Syndrome” is a real condition where young kittens raised without proper socialization can develop adverse behaviors. Consequences of single kitten syndrome include boredom, stress, lack of bite inhibition, and the exhibition of other behavioral problems. These problems might include chewing or scratching objects and urinating or defecating outside the litterbox.

Because of these potential adverse behaviors from lack of socialization, it is the policy of Neshama Animal Rescue to NOT adopt out single kittens under the age of 6 months.

Kittens often enter the rescue in litter groups, or are placed together in similarly aged groups while in foster care to avoid single kitten syndrome. Below are the following guidelines for fostering/adopting young kittens:

These are approximate ages and guidelines only, and every situation is worth evaluating separately for various other reasons and conditions. 

The ultimate mission and goal of Neshama Animal Rescue is to set up our animals for a long, healthy, well socialized life, and these guidelines are written in the spirit of helping that be achieved.